HealthSPA Startup Membership - Be Part of the Rising Health Startup Community in Finland  

Health and Wellbeing Startups have been the core of HealthSPA right from the beginning. Our story began from the realisation of a need; there was no organisation bringing the health startup community together and helping them to make connections with each other and other industry players. Over the past years we have been working with more than 300 startups, and had over 40 projects and events supporting them and enabling collaboration within the health field.
But we still want to do more.

To give your startup better support, we are introducing HealthSPA Startup Membership. This will help us understand your startup better, and offer you more targeted support. With the membership we wish to open up a constant dialogue with you. We encourage you to be in touch with us if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can help you better.Join us, and we will do our share in smoothening the sometimes rocky startup path for you, and build a strong community among health startups.

Here is the deal:
(Price 200€ / year 2018)

- Members discount on one startup stand and tickets in Upgraded Life Festival 2018 (you will get a password to access the special prices in the email confirmation once the payment is made)
- Access to at least 2 targeted community meetings during the year
- Access to other discounts and partnerships HealthSPA gains
- Logo and company link on HealthSPA website on the Members page
- Right to publish one blogpost through HealthSPA channels in 2018 (reach to 7000+ people)
- Marketing of new open positions and startup announcements in HealthSPA social media
- Right to use ‘HealthSPA startup member’ logo on website
- Possibility to affect to development and activities of the community

Discounts and offers from our partners:
- 500€ discount from One week Labs from Unseen Labs for proof-of-concept, prototype and concept demonstration building.
- One to two hours of free consultation from Papula-Nevinpat on how to secure your business with IP rights (eg. patents, utility models, trademarks, design rights).

- One to two hours of free consulting from Taival Advisory on business and strategy related questions incl. e.g. business & operating model, growth strategy, sales approach, value proposition etc. Additionally HealthSpa members will receive a 10% discount on strategy quick-scan and strategy development projects delivered by Taival. For more information please contact

The membership is currently limited to startups. Not a startup yet or anymore, but want to get involved? Have other questions? Don't hesitate to be in touch: info (at)
You can find information of the register here.

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