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Navigating the health ecosystem with digital innovators

Written by Raisamiina Rimpelä on March 31, 2017

“We put stuff into airplanes. If it doesn´t work, people die.”

This is how my Australian colleague, a true sharpshooting salesman, described Garmin´s key differentiator within the fiercely competed wearable market. This is as good as a sales argument can get. Especially if you use it with…Read More

Flashback to the Upgraded Health Networking in Slush

Written by Elena Prokofyeva on December 18, 2016

The last day of November brought us a number of impressive health-related events during Slush 2016. For the second time, the Finnish health startup association HealthSPA organised the official health networking in the Engine Room. The goal was not only to discuss investing in health but also to bring together startups, investors,…Read More

From scientific research to business idea: The Story of Fibion

Written by Elena Prokofyeva on November 7, 2016

Implementing research evidence into practice is a very challenging but rewarding  process. This is an inspiring story about a group of researchers, who came up with an unique business idea while working on their scientific research projects. They identified the underestimated problem of excessive sitting in modern life…Read More

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