Steaming health & happiness innovation

Steaming health & happiness innovation

Fighting fit and raring to go

Want to change the business of health and wellness?

HealthSPA is the Finnish health ecosystem booster. We are a non-profit association for health startups, with a bold goal to put Finland on the world map when it comes to health. The industry thrives on cooperation and we create events to enable matchmaking.

Everyone will reach their goals quicker when we work together. Jump in the pool!

Upgraded Life Festival is here again!

The largest health tech event in the Nordics is back. Join the leading event of the health and happiness community!

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Upcoming SPA events

Jun 2 - Kuopio


HealthSPA goes Health Tuesday in Kuopio!

The Health industry is in full swing here in Finland. There has been a significant amount of activity in creation of hardware, devices, wearables and services…….the question we are starting…

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May 26 | Startup story
Jenni Alasuutari

Bookndo at Health Bootcamp 2015

Bookndo - The "" for sports activities. is a website where it is easy to find, compare, book and pay for sports activities. In February 2015 Team Bookndo applied…

Alisa Kemppainen

Motivade – Collaboration with Liikkuva koulu

You announced in March that you’re collaborating with Liikkuva Koulu (Finnish Schools on the Move). How did this come about? It all started from an article published in Helsingin Sanomat. We…

blogiin etusivu
May 12 | Startup story
Markus Mäntynen

RecoApp: Interpret Data from Smart Clothing

Fifteen years ago I started my personal “quantified self” movement with a Polar device. After a couple of weeks I’d learned my sweet spot for running heart-rate, and I can’t…

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