Health Startup Association of Finland

Health Startup Association of Finland

Want to change the business of health and wellness?

HealthSPA is a non-profit association for health startups, with a bold goal to put Finland on the world map when it comes to health. We are also the organisers of the Nordic’s largest health startup event – Upgraded Life Festival. The fifth event will take place on 31st May – 1st June, 2018.

The industry thrives on cooperation and we create events and projects to enable matchmaking especially between startups, corporates, public sector and universities.

Everyone will reach their goals quicker when we work together.

Upgraded Life Festival 31.5. - 1.6.2018

The biggest startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordics. Here the rising stars of healthtech meet more established innovators across the industry. Make sure to reserve your spot.

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Upcoming events

Jan 23 - Brussels


The MedTech Forum

The MedTech Forum is one of the largest health and medical technology industry conferences in Europe and a key event since 2007. Every year the conference brings together 500+ participants active…

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Jan 25 - Helsinki


Health Awards & Foresight Forum

Health Awards is a recognized award for the most passionate doers and the top achievements of the Finnish healthcare industry. Already for the third time, the winners will be chosen from the…

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Health & Wellbeing agenda for the Slush week

We have collected the main Health & Wellbeing related events happening around Slush week. For the most comprehensive list of official side-events and up-to-date agenda, check the Slush website. You can also get yourself…

Oct 19 | Industry
Virve Ilkka, Director, HealthSPA

Restocking Apteekki [App-Tech-iŋ]

The English word pharmacy, or a drug store, directs us to think of mainly pharmaceutical products. As the holistic healthcare has come here to stay, it’s good to be reminded…

Nightingale- Antti Kangas - Why “big data” needs to be made small
Antti Kangas, CTO/Co-founder, Nightingale Health

Why “big data” needs to be made small

Wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, have spread quickly, generating an enormous amount of biometric data for us to interpret. With a plethora of sensors available on the market…

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